How to Change the Appearance of Chrome Paint
When using Chrome paint such as Alclad II Chrome or Spaz Stix Chrome, the instructions tell you to use a gloss black base to get the "chromiest" result. Did you know you don't have to use black if you dont want to? By using different colored base paint, you can change the appearance of the chrome paint to simulate other metals. For example, using a gloss dark blue base will give you something closer to polished aluminum. By combining different base shades on a part, you can more realistically simulate items made from different metals. Here's an example I did a few years ago to show how changing the base color will shift the appearance of Alclad II chrome paint.
But that's not all you can do to change the appearance of chrome paint. Who says you have to use a glossy base coat? By using a satin or flat base coat, you can alter the reflectivity of the chrome to simulate finishes such as brushed stainless steel. You don't have to buy a whole range of different metallic paints-- you can use simple chrome with different base coats to make all kinds of different metal effects.

Last but not least, by spraying a transparent paint over the chrome, you can make even more effects.
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