Not a recast of any existing kit parts!
100% 3D-Modeled!

Assembled Wheels
(valve stem made from thin wire; not included in set)

3D Model of Front Wheel & Tire
(click photos for larger view)

What You Get:
Each package contains four 1/24 scale wheel assemblies cast in hard gray urethane resin.
Each Wheel assembly is made up of one wheel, one center axle piece, and 4 individual lug nuts.
Extra axle pieces and several extra lug nuts are included for those "whoops!" moments.
Tires are cast in flexible black urethane rubber.

The front wheels are 13"x8" and the rears are 13"x10".  There are two styles of lug nuts,
so you have some choice on how to make the wheels.  The set includes both plain grease-caps and floating rear-axle centers.

Thanks to JC Reckner for prompting me to make this set!
He needed some wheels for his Escort RS1800 :D


FMR-049 Resin Minilite Wheels & Tires, Set of 4, 1/24, $15.00 plus shipping


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