FMR-054 Rubber G78-14 Redline Tires, Set of 4, 1/24  $12.00
Red stripe must be painted-- but it's really easy!

FMR-055 Rubber/Resin 14" Rally II/Redlines Trim Rings, Set of 4, 1/24  $16.00
Everything you need to put authentic rolling stock on your GTO!

FMR-056 Rubber/Resin 14" Rally II/Redlines Bare Rims, Set of 4, 1/24  $16.00
The Judge didn't use trim rings, so use this set for a Judge!

FMR-057 Resin 15" Rally II Bare Rims, Set of 4, 1/24  $10.00
These 15" wheels can be set to four different widths using the unique spacers!
Perfect for putting WIIIDE tires on the rear of your Firebird!
(Tires are not included in this set)

Shipping is an extra cost

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