FMR-069 and FMR-070
1/24 scale Mud King XT Tires
in "Weighted" and "Round" versions

100% Original Pieces designed in 3D! Not a recast of any existing kit tire!
Parts are cast in flexible black rubber !

One of my biggest pet peeves about model cars is that they don't
have a sense of "weight" to them.  Aircraft modelers have know for
years that "weighted" tires make their models look much more authentic.
I've applied this idea to truck tires with these new items.  If you don't
want them weighted, I offer them in normal round version, too.
If you want a round tire to go along with your weighted set, like to represent a spare,
I can provide a round tire at a small additional cost. 

How much of a difference is there between the weighted and round tires?  Judge for yourself:

What You Get
Each package contains four 1/24 tires cast in flexible black rubber
that will stretch to fit a variety of kit wheels.

FMR-069  Rubber Mud King XT Weighted Tires, Set of 4
FMR-070  Rubber Mud King XT Round Tires, Set of 4
$12 each set plus shipping


  Inside Diameter Outside Diameter Width
FMR-069 0.65" 1.37" 0.53"
FMR-070 0.65" 1.37" 0.55"

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