Sorry for the long periods between updates!  Business has been great, and I really appreciate all my customers.  I've had a rough patch recently (thanks, COVID) that has caused a little backlog on shipping out orders, but if you have an open order with me it will be shipping soon.  I'll also be formally introducing several new items soon.  I know I said that a few months ago, but this time I mean it. 


If you are wondering if I am making the F250 4x4 Conversion Set again, the answer is YES.


UPDATE   MAY 8, 2022
Thanks to everyone who reached out or expressed concern for me after the car crash.  I really appreciate all the well-wishes and prayers.

I am back to full-time work now and I am taking orders like normal.  I have a bunch of new items that I've been working on since last fall that I am getting ready to bring out.  I'll be making a new product announcement soon for those items.